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02 July 2008 @ 12:00 am
Lovers, Postage and Crew Socks  

The Major Arcana

The Minor Arcana

Last Updated: 031209

Last Updated: 031209

I exchange love
notes in class with
[ Akihiko Sanada ]

MEGATEN PERSONA BLOG CREW Fortuna」 emerged from the sea of my soul!



[ ● « Persona 4 -- [Kou Ichijo] » ● ]

When The Moon's Reaching Out Stars PERSONA 3/4 OST

if only we could throw away
everything but that which is truly important

but reality is just cruel
at times like that, I can always close my eyes

and you're there smiling
{Nishikido Ryo}

{Masuda Takahisa}
what will we think at the end of this long journey?
I wonder if we are all travelers searching for love
let's go together, until we've had enough

{Kusano Hironori}
how many times did I loose my way?
whenever I did, there was a warm hand
and you were the one who held it out to me

{Ninomiya Kazunari}
when you laid your exhausted body down and went to sleep

I watched you, holding my breath
I am the only person in the whole world
who knows your sweet, helpless profile

{Lee Hongki}
the reason my tears overflowed even though I wasn't sad
was because your love penetrated the scars deep in my heart
so deeply it hurt and turned them into tenderness

if you meet a deep sadness one day
I hope you would share it with me

I wonder what I can do for the sake of that smile
because it's my precious treasure

because you're my precious treasure
{Lee Jaejin}

A is a believer of formalities and a shy lawyer
B is a leader who’s like Jekyll and Hyde
O has a strong pride and a romanticist
AB is a tsundere producer but a unique dreamer

everyone has things that they're good in
and things that they're bad in, isn't it?
because ABO put together is {Tegoshi Yuya}
I'll just take him as he is

when I'm alone at night i sit and fantasize and in my fantasies i love you long time during my 9 to 5, I'm thinking 6 and 9s i've gotta make you mine can you feel my dirty desire, Tegoshi Yuya?

Last Updated: 062509
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wo shi xiao long bao: Shige の Happy || NEWSrental_daughter on September 4th, 2009 12:06 am (UTC)
:DD! Thanks~ Although to be honest, I'm not the one that made them. I forgot who did. ;___; On the other hand, I stared at your icon for a long time. XD <3 Shige~!