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僕らの愛のストーリー ♥

wo shi xiao long bao
16 June 1992

rhythm of love
about Hello! You may call me Casey. There isn't really much to say about me. I used to be an avid fan of J-Pop and anime, though now I'm slowly starting to lose base with that fandom. Since I no longer have a set fandom, my livejournal will mostly be more of a journal. Most of my posts will be friends only, seeing as how it has to do with things that go on offline. My life really isn't all that amusing as I spend most of my hours online.

friending I love making new friends but... To be honest, unless you let me know where you managed to meet me, I probably won't add you back. I like to keep my "friends page" concise because I really do intend to read and get to know you. If you're not interested in reading my entries and only wish to increase the number of friends you have, then I think it'd be best if you strayed away. Not to say all my entries will be interesting (the opposite, really,) I'd just like to know that the people I've added as "friends" can really be called that in the end.

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